College of Religious Studies & Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theology

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theology degree is an intensely practical degree focused on pastoral ministry and church planting. The Applied Theology program is designed for students who are clearly focused on preparing for ministerial leadership in the local church. Students in the program study biblical content and languages, systematic and historical theology, preaching and apologetics, as well as pastoral ethics and leadership. The program also involves internship at a local church. 

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree is a course of instruction designed to develop Christian character, a sound knowledge of the Bible, and the skills appropriate for ministry in a local church, mission field, or other Christian ministry. A minor provides a structured selection of courses to augment or complement the course by broadening a student’s academic experience or serving as preparation for a specific career.  

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries is designed to develop your abilities and spiritual gifts for leadership in para-church organizations, non-profit or specialized ministries within the church. This course is for those who felt called  by God to serve others in vocational ministry. Along the way, the students will gain biblical wisdom and practical insights to help disciple the specific groups to which the student have been called — whether children, youth, adults, families or others.    

Bachelor of Science in Christian Counseling

The Bachelor of Science in Christian Counseling  is designed to help you understand the multi-faceted aspects of  Christian Counseling. The course will allow you to learn more  about counseling from a Christian perspective, equipping you to work in  the Christian counseling fields of lay ministry. The course will help you gain insight into the development and influence of  personality based on current theories. You will have the opportunity to delve into courses which  discuss the diverse theoretical approaches of counseling and  psychotherapy by evaluating associated methods and techniques based on biblical approach. The Bachelor of Science in Christian Counseling degree can prepare you for non-clinical positions in the field of Christian psychology and counseling.  


• Biblical and Theological Studies 
• Chaplaincy
• Community Development
• Church Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Human Services
• Intercultural Studies
• Organizational Leadership
• Theology & Christian Studies
• Non-Profit Management  
• Music & Worship 
• Pastoral Care  

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