College of Religious Studies & Seminary

Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Master of Science (MS)

Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

The Doctor of Education degree, a 54 Credit  Hours program  is to equip individuals for denominational or  interdenominational leadership positions in the field of religious  education or teaching. The degree include mastery of educational  disciplines, graduate-level understanding of theological disciplines,  and capacity to engage in administration, teaching, and research.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)

The Doctor of  Ministry, a 36 Credit Hours, advanced degree program in Contextual  Cohort Model with maximum practical application, is designed to provide  training in the practice of Biblically and theologically oriented  ministry to those actively involved in vocational or bi-vocational  ministry.  The Cohort program is an educational step forward in training  students to function more effectively in their communities, families,  and workplaces. 

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

The Doctor of  Philosophy degree is a 48 Credit Hours program designed for those who  are capable of doing research at the highest level with a view to  becoming scholars and educational leaders in various fields of Christian  ministry.