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Who We Are

NorthStar University, a D/B/A of Asians to the World Inc. is a  career center and training arm of  the Florida based 501(c)3  organization aimed to empower individuals, families and communities to  become self-sustaining and have quality of life. Asians to the World,  Inc. is a Christian organization incorporated in 2001 in Florida USA. 

NorthStar University’s mission is to provide a nurturing exceptional  education supported by a strong foundation of Christian values that  prepare students intellectually and spiritually as leaders who serve  God, become productive citizens in their community, and impact the lives  of others both domestically and globally. 

NorthStar  University’s vision is to provide a comprehensive educational experience  grounded in Christian values that inspire students to embrace Gods  call.

Asians to the World's mission is to glorify God by working  together with the international community in reaching, mobilizing and  empowering Asian migrants in the task of serving the nations through  sharing and demonstrating God's love among the un-reached and neediest  people. Asians to the World's vision is to see trained and empowered  individuals throughout the world become self-sustaining and have a  better quality of life through embracing a redemptive and faith-based  lifestyle.

Our Core Values


Our Core Values

Curiosity and intellectual rigor
Openness, trust and respect
Transformational and innovation
Collaboration and authenticity
Integrity and personal accountability
Diversity in people and ideas
Personal and professional wellness

Our Officers

Dr. Jay Sales, President


Dr. Ma. Lourdes P. Evangelista


Director, Graduate Online Programs

Mariden Mendoza


Dean, College of Nursing - Kissimmee

Raul Lopez-Lima


Dean, College of Nursing-Miami

Manuel Caday


Dialysis Program Director - Kissimmee

Steven Andrew Villa


HR Director

Discover how NorthStar can change your future.

CHRISTIAN in thought. ENTREPRENEURIAL in action. 

LOCAL initiative.  

GLOBAL impact.  

We want new learners to come and join us excited and full of hope. We want every graduate of our program as poised and confident adults. 

Our programs are uniquely designed to provide the skills and credentials you need to grow as a  professional and lead positive social change. 

You can leave us for jobs  and other educational adventure, taking with you a sense of purpose and a  commitment to make a lasting impact and to improving the future for all  the world's people.

Hundreds of bright, ambitious learners and students of  the Word have passed through our doors, leaving a bit of themselves  behind when they head off to other places to venture in the different  fields of undertaking. 

We are proud of the institution they helped build  and continue to sustain through their generous support.  


Join us and see what NorthStar can do for you!